DMCA presents On Board Ship to Ship review

Pressing concerns include arbitration of disputes and industry KIPs.
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Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has presented its On Board Ship to Ship (STS) Operational review to key industry stakeholders.

Topics also discussed at the STS Provider Meeting were the annual issuance of the DMCA certificate of authorisation, arbitration of disputes, the conduct of emergency drills, key performance indicators and implementation and process fees.

Ali Al Daboos, executive director – operations, Dubai Maritime City Authority, said: “It is crucial to carefully monitor and assess the level of expertise, professionalism, compliance with regulations and willingness to go beyond the minimum standards of care among key stakeholders in the STS sector.

“The STS Provider Meeting is an important initiative that allows us to pursue these objectives and ultimately ensure the security, safety and sustainable growth of the maritime industry.”

In 2012 DMCA hosted the semi-annual Ship to Ship Forum, bringing the industry together to discuss how the private and public sectors can best work together to ensure the protection of Dubai and the sustainability of the industry.

The STS Forum review included the United Nations International Maritime Organizations (IMO) minimum standard on the transfer of oil cargo between oil tankers at sea.

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