Wednesday Blog: Blood, sweat and tears

It has been a busy time at Maritime & Ports Middle East.
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There comes a time in every product launch where you turn to your colleagues and ask: “Do you think we can finish this?”

That was certainly the case here at ITP Business a few weeks ago when we were working on the final touches of the Maritime & Ports Middle East launch issue.

It was hectic, there were a few tears (mostly mine, I admit), but in the end we managed to put the mag ‘to bed’ on time.

Despite a few tense moments the launch was very exciting and we have been proud of the first issue. This is only the start, however, and the magazine will continue to evolve each and every month.

I don’t like to write in clichés but our big challenge is to now to tackle ‘the difficult second album’, as they say in the music world.

Every month M&PME will bring readers a strong mix of news, features, comment and interviews from the shipping, ports and maritime industries across the Middle East and Gulf.

We welcome feedback from our readership, so if you have any suggestions or would like to write a letter to the editor you can contact me on

If you have not managed to get your hands on the magazine, you can read it online here.

Right folks, no time to waste, I’ve got to now get back to the ‘difficult second album’...

Until next time.

About the author
Michael Starling is editor of Maritime & Ports Middle East

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