Fines for Abu Dhabi vehicles without fire extinguishers

Non-compliant drivers face fine after September 1 deadline.
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Motorists in Abu Dhabi will need to have a fire extinguisher in their cars from September 1 or face a fine, the National reported.

The Abu Dhabi Police revealed the move in an advertising campaign titled: Our Goal is Your Safety. However, the department revealed they would make a more detailed announcement in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile in Al Ain, an awareness initiative on the risks of vehicle fires was launched yesterday under the slogan: “You have it always …but need it one day.”

This initiative was organised by the Civil Defense Department in Al Ain in cooperation with the Vehicle Authorization Section in Al Ain, at the main centre for car inspections, ADNOC. The initiative aims to raise drivers’ awareness on the risks of vehicle fires and how they can be prevented.

The launch was attended by Lt. colonel Rashid Mohammad Hamar Ain Al Darmaki, director of the Civil Defense Department in Al Ain; Lt. colonel Mohammad Saeed Al Neyadi, general supervisor of the initiative performance; and Major Ali Saif Al Darei, director of Technical Test and External Services Branch in Al Ain.

Lt. colonel Al Darmaki said that the initiative is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Defense GHQ that aims to spread awareness and establish the principles of prevention and safety, as well as introduce people to the risks of vehicle fires, their causes, and ways to prevent them.

He noted that booklets and brochures on how to use a manual extinguisher were distributed in addition to fire extinguishers. He stressed the importance of conducting regular vehicle maintenance to check the electrical wiring to fans and the engine and other components, as well as the full readiness to answer any inquiry from clients.

While Lt. Colonel Mohammad Al Neyadi reiterated the importance of having fire extinguishers in vehicles and the significant role they play in preventing fires.

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