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Will a logistics board game inspire a supply chain career choice?
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Will a logistics board game inspire children to pursue a career in logistics later on in life?

This is a question that I pondered after reading a report on a new logistics board game winning a £9500 grant from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) recently. According to the creators, the Business on the Move game “sees players responsible for running a business, where they have to respond to customers’ demands and move products to their domestic market by combinations of air, sea, rail and road”.

Many of the industry people that I meet, tell me that they’ve got into logistics by accident, rather than choice. That is no surprise. As children, we are sold on the appeal of the so called glamour careers – medicine, law, banking etc. – and we don’t even realise there is a whole host of job options based around the supply chain and logistics. And even growing up, unless you are actually working directly in the supply chain department of your company, the whole concept of logistics is generally ignored.

Hewlett-Packard’s 3PL vendor account manager for the Middle East, Prakash Kamble, made an interesting point in a column he did for this website in February. In the piece, he asked the question: have you ever heard of a logistics employee been awarded a commission for a sale? In short, he pointed out that the salesperson gets rewarded for securing a sale, but the logistics person, who is responsible for keeping the delivery costs to a minimum, ensuring the profits remain high, is ignored in the majority of cases.

So, in my opinion, it certainly would benefit the region and industry to have children growing up understanding the key tenants of logistics. If those same youth go on to pursue specialised careers in the industry, all the better I suppose. But what do you think? Is a board game the way forward to address future skilled shortage issues in the supply chain industry? Is it something that you as a logistics professional would endorse?

Ahmad Lala is the editor of Logistics Middle East magazine.

A video about the logistics board game, Business on the move, can be viewed below. For more information visit:

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