Drydocks World advances coastal discus hotel concept

Company is pushing beyond its traditional ship maintenance business.
A concept shot of the discus hotel.
A concept shot of the discus hotel.


Drydocks World has met with Deep Ocean Technology and Big Invest in an effort to take forward their idea of the Water Discus Hotel.

The Water Discus Hotel is made up of a number of UFO-like discs: one underwater, at a depth ranging from 10 to 30 meters, and others above the surface.

A single disc is an independent modular structure of approximately 1000 square meters. The discs can be fitted together to build whatever size of hotel is required and can be moved around between locations.

The development of the concept comes as Drydocks World expands its capabilities beyond its traditional ship maintenance & repair business. If the project goes ahead, Drydocks World will be building the discs used in the construction of the hotel.

According to a statement, Khamis Juma Buamim, chairman of Drydocks World; Arkadiusz Majerski, president and CEO of Deep Ocean Technology; and Bogdan Gutkowski, president of Big Invest, discussed designs, engineering and structures.

“We at DDWMW are delighted to be involved in this project to construct the first of its kind and very unique Water Discus Hotel,” said Buamim. “It is a matter of deep pride and honour for us that once again, we have been recognised as a facility which is able to construct and fabricate a leading edge design and a world’s first concept.

“We look forward to the launch of construction very shortly and as always we are confident of providing a high quality structure in a cost effective and timely basis.”

Drydocks World is currently making a big push into the offshore energy segment. Current projects include the construction of an undersea storage tank and offshore wind energy platform, in addition to a number of vessel conversions.

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