Filipino basketball team sues Gulf Air

Players and staff claim they had bookings cancelled without notice.
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The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has taken legal action against Bahrain carrier Gulf Air over an incident in 2011 when some of their teams and staff had their confirmed tickets from Dubai to Manila cancelled without any notice.

The players and staff of the Talk N’ Text basketball team owned by Philippine Long Distance and Telephone Company (PLDT) filed charges on Monday against Gulf Air which cancelled their confirmed tickets from Dubai to Manila without any notice, the PDA said on its official website.

PBA Commissioner Attorney Chito Salud filed the case on behalf of the Talk N’ Text team, according to lawyer Melvin Mendoza, the league’s legal counsel. Mendoza said the PBA had brought the case after the Bahrain-based carrier failed to respond their correspondence on the matter.

“We have written them several demand letters but up to this time the airline company has not yet given a satisfactory explanation,” Mendoza said.

The incident occurred on July 2, 2011 when Gulf Air refusal to all players and officials of the PLDT team to board the plane from Dubai to Manila, despite the fact they had confirmed bookings.

The PDA said Gulf Air cancelled the bookings without notice. “The players and officials of TNT went to the check-in counter of Dubai airport at least three hours before their scheduled flight only to be informed that their flights were cancelled,” Mendoza said.

He added the cancelation of the tickets was “in blatant violation of the contract of carriage and transportation” and the PDA was seeking actual, moral and other damages that would exceed P12m ($276,886).

“This case against Gulf Air was filed not just to vindicate the rights of and interests of PLDT’s team, but more importantly to uphold the good name and reputation of the entire membership of the PBA,” Salud declared.

Gulf Air was not immediately available for comment on the issue.


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