Boeing to launch larger 787 at Paris Air Show

The 787-10 is expected to have a price tag of around $280-290 million.
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By: Ruchi Shroff

Boeing will launch a larger version of its lightweight 787 Dreamliner this week with up to 100 orders worth just under $30 billion, Reuters has reported.

The latest addition to Boeing's fleet, the 323-seat 787-10, is partly designed to serve fast-growing routes within Asia and sharpens a fight with Airbus for sales of the latest generation of efficient, carbon-composite jets.

General Electric unit, GECAS, the world's biggest aircraft lessor, has said it will order up to 10 of the new 787-10X planes, subject to the launch on June 18.

The 787-10 Dreamliner -- a "stretched" version of an existing model -- would compete in part with Airbus's next-generation A350, which carried out its maiden flight on June 14. Boasting fuel savings because of a lightweight structure, it is also expected to challenge a revival in sales of the traditional metallic Airbus A330, which has been snapped up by many airlines during three years of 787 delivery delays.

The 787-10 is expected to have an official price tag of around $280-290 million per plane, $40 million or so more than other 787s, and is due to enter service in 2018-19.

Singapore Airlines has already agreed to buy 30 jets if the 787-10 is launched. Others widely linked to the project include United Airlines, British Airways and leasing company, Air Lease Corp.


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