Riyadh Port to impose penalties on non-palletised cargo

Shipments in container need to be palletised or shrink wrapped.
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Riyadh Dry Port Customs Department has advised that penalties will be imposed from July 1, 2013 for shipments in container (LCL) that are not palletised/covered (shrink wrapped) to avoid mis-delivery, according to the GAC hotportnews alerts.

It has been noted that some shipping agents are not complying with previous instructions for such cargoes to be palletised, and labels/stickers shown on the pallet with the Bill of Lading No., consignee’s name and no. of package, to facilitate easy mechanical handling during stripping and re-stuffing at inspection.

Meanwhile in Oman, During the Monsoon "Khareef", Salalah port will endeavour to provide special boat transfer services subject to weather conditions, whether outside or inside harbour.

Effective from 0001 hours on June 2, 2013, the following consolidated rates will apply:

1. Transferring of up to 5 persons, US$2500 per boat trip.

2. Transferring of spares or provisions by tug boat, $3500 per trip.

The above rates include the services of tugs and pilot if transfer takes place either inside or outside the harbour but excludes port dues. In the case of vessels which cannot be safely brought into the harbour due to type of vessel, LOA, draft, etc. the port will attempt to carry out the transfer outside only which will be subject to weather conditions.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

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