Heavy turbulence injures 13 on Emirates flight

Flight attendant suffers serious injury during the flight to Jakarta.
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By: Daniel Shane

A number of passengers and crew on an Emirates Airline flight from Dubai to Jakarta sustained minor to serious injuries after the aircraft was caught in heavy turbulence.

The Emirates Boeing 777-300 jet was carrying 374 passengers on board as it performed flight EK-358 to the Indonesian capital on May 17 when 10 passengers and three cabin crew were hurt after the plane encountered turbulence over the Nicobar Islands.

Aviation Herald reported that the crew at this point decided to divert the flight to Singapore, where the injured were disembarked and taken to hospital.

One flight attendant was a diagnosed with a serious injury to the cervical vertebra, while others were discharged following treatment for minor injuries.

The flight was grounded for approximately 18 hours in Singapore before continuing its journey to Singapore. Passengers injured in the turbulence were booked onto alternative flights.

In a study published by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre earlier this year, Dubai-based Emirates along with Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways were named among the world’s airlines with the best safety records.

A spokesperson for Emirates did not immediately respond to Arabian Business’s request for comment on the incident.


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