WATCH: Passenger smokes on flight, despite warnings

Blog by Robeel Haq, SEO content manager at Etihad Airways.
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Written by Robeel Haq, author of and SEO content manager at Etihad Airways.

Most airline passengers are aware that smoking on flights is a big no-no… after all, it’s been quite a while since people were allowed to light-up their cigarettes in the middle of a flight.

However, that didn’t stop a female passenger from puffing away (to the shock of her fellow passengers) during a recent Middle East Airlines (MEA) flight.

The incident was filmed by a fellow passenger, with the footage showing a member of the Lebanese airline’s cabin crew approaching the passenger and asking her to stop smoking.

How did the passenger respond? “People are not obliged [to breathe in the smoke]. I am being very calm with you… please put out the cigarette.”

It seems the woman was not in the mood to listen, even with a warning that the air hostess would inform the captain.

“Go call him. Go call everyone and come here,” the passenger responded while continuing to smoke.

Click here to watch the video… unsurprisingly, it’s already been picked up by the media and has attracted a large number of views online.

According to reports, the captain was informed about the incident and the woman was greeted by police once the flight arrived at the airport.

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