VIDEO: US policeman rescues airport worker from attack

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Written by Robeel Haq, author of and SEO content manager at Etihad Airways

Here’s an interesting story about Corporal Justin Rogers, an off-duty police officer from California, whose routine visit to Honolulu Airport after a vacation ended with him being praised as a national hero and receiving international media coverage!

How? Well, after taking off his shoes for the airport security check, Corporal Rogers noticed that a female Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer was being assaulted. In fact, at that very moment, an irate woman has placed the security officer in a headlock.

Wasting no time at all, a shoe-less Corporal Roger (who is a six-year veteran of the Pinole Police Department) sprinted towards the violent scenario and threw the passenger to the ground.

After identifying himself to other TSA agents, he was handed a pair of handcuffs to restrain the passenger… and that’s where his involvement in the incident ended. He even made his flight back home!

According to media reports, the attacker was actually a homeless woman and had been approached by the TSA agent after pushing over a security sign marking a lane reserved for pilots and staff. She was later transferred to Castle Medical Centre, which has a mental health unit.

A video of the incident has since been released and viewed online by countless people throughout the world. Click here to watch it.

"His actions, coupled with the quick response of airport security, minimised disruptions to the traveling public," the TSA said in a statement.

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