Aramex joins United Nations initiative

Aramex is amongst the first companies to participate in the United Nations 'Global Compact' initiative.


Aramex is the latest international company to participate in the United Nations Global Compact' initiative, a platform created to engage the private sector in positive global corporate practices.

Collaborating with both profit and non-profit organisations, the worldwide movement has encouraged thousands of influential businesses around the world to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies in regards to human rights, labour, the environment, transparency and anti-corruption.

"Sustainability is the way of the future, it requires commitment and innovation to develop and integrate into the daily practice of organisations," said Fadi Ghandour, founder and CEO of Aramex, the first company in the region to issue a sustainability report and amongst the first to join the UN's Global Compact initiative.

"By signing onto this initiative, Aramex is validating its long-term commitment to the community and the environment and reaffirming its leadership within the industry," Ghandour added.

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