Top 10 Long-Haul Airlines in the World

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Written by Robeel Haq, author of and SEO Content Manager at Etihad Airways

What is the magic formula for determining the world’s best airline? Ask a hundred people and you will get a hundred different answers! However, the well-known consumer magazine “Which?” bases its annual airline survey on elements such as value for money, functionality, cabin environment and staff.

The survey, which is divided into long-haul and short-haul categories, asks people to rate airlines in each of these factors, in addition to scoring their overall satisfaction and whether they would recommend the airline to their friends. The results are always interesting and tend to divide the aviation industry – some agree, some disagree and some are happy to sit on the fence.

I’m sure the debate will continue with the results of the latest survey, which have just been published. For this post, I will focus on the long-haul results, with 8000 respondents giving their views on 23 different airlines that offer flights from the UK. Can you guess which airlines came out on top?

Drum roll please… here is the top 10 long-haul airlines of 2012, according to the survey:

1. Air New Zealand (Overall Score: 86%)
2. Etihad Airways (Overall Score: 84%)
3. Singapore Airlines (Overall Score: 83%)
4. Emirates (Overall Score: 81%)
5. Qatar Airways (Overall Score: 75%)
6. Thai Airways (Overall Score: 74%)
7. Cathay Pacific (Overall Score: 74%)
8. KLM (Overall Score: 73%)
9. Malaysia Airlines (Overall Score: 71%)
10. Qantas (Overall Score: 70%)

Considering the survey only focuses on airlines that serve the UK, it’s somewhat surprising that none of the country’s own carriers were featured in the top 10! So what did British Airways and Virgin Atlantic score? And which airlines were placed at the bottom of the list with the lowest score? Click here to visit my blog and find out more! And don’t forget to like my Facebook page to keep updated.

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