Nasair ready to hire Saudi women as cabin crew

Group CEO says working on Nasair is like spending a day in the office.
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By David Ingham

The group CEO of KSA-based Nas Holding is keen to hire Saudi women as cabin crew for nasair, the group’s low cost carrier.

“One of my objectives is to hire Saudi female cabin crew,” said Sulaiman Al-Hamdan, who encouraged the hiring of women when he worked at Saudi British Bank.

“I have no second thoughts about it and I will do it before I leave the company. It will happen, absolutely.”

Al-Hamdan said that a key social barrier – the need to spend nights away from home – does not apply to nasair because its flights are short haul.

“None of our flights stay overnight anywhere. If a young Saudi lady is interested in doing it, she can come, take a flight in the morning, do her round and by 4.00-5.00 she’s back.

“What prevents her doing that when she goes and stays in an office from 8.00 to 5.00?

“I see no reason why we shouldn’t do it and I have already suggested this to a few people.”

Al-Hamdan said that when he left Saudi British Bank in 2006, Saudi women represented 14% of the total workforce.

Nasair serves six destinations within Saudi Arabia and operates 19 short-haul international routes.

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