Iran bans flights during Azan

Dress code for women working at airports to be addressed as well.
NEWS, Aviation


By: Ruchi Schroff

Iran's parliament has banned all airplanes from flying in the country during the Azan call to prayer, the Mehr news agency has reported.

"According to the new directive, airplanes are banned from flying during Azan, especially during the call to morning prayers," Mehr quoted the spokesman for parliament's cultural committee Ali Taheri as saying.

The head of the Aviation Organization, Hamid Reza Pahlevani, said aircraft will be allowed to take off 30 minutes after the call to the morning prayer so that passengers have the time "to carry out their religious duties", the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) reported.

Taheri also reportedly said serious attention will be given to observing the strict Islamic dress code for women working at airports or airline companies.