Port Rashid vessels face risk from sunken dhow wrecks

Two sunken dhows discovered rising five metres of harbour seabed.
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Two sunken dhows, large enough to be a danger to passing ships, have been discovered in the waters at Port Rashid, the National newspaper reported today.

The vessels, each about 20 metres long, rise about five metres from the seabed of the harbour were discovered by HMS Enterprise, a British Royal Navy ship on a nine-month deployment to the Middle East, and her new survey motor boat, Spitfire, during two days of surveying work off Dubai.

After surveyed the wrecks, they passed the data to Dubai's port authority and other mariners have been alerted to the presence of the dhows.

The dhows Commander Derek Rae, the commanding officer of the Enterprise, said the chance to carry out the survey training, granted by the authorities in Dubai, was "invaluable".

"The outcome of the training has been mutually beneficial and we are delighted to have been of assistance to other mariners," he said on the Royal Navy's website.

It was the first real test for the survey boat, which had undergone trials in the UK and around Souda Bay in Crete, Greece.

Article by Emily Cleland (The National)