Middle East's first 45-foot flatrack shipped

UAE firm designs "cost-effective" solution for yacht transport.


Dubai-based SLC International Yacht Transportation announced it had shipped the region’s first 45-foot flatrack yesterday.

The flatracks, designed by the firm to provide cost-effective solutions for shipping motor yachts in the 41-46ft range, were used to load a Premier 45 yacht on board CMA/CGM’s OOCL San Francisco vessel at the Jebel Ali Port. The yacht is being transported to the 44th International Boat Show in Dusseldorf where she is set to be displayed next month.

The firm revealed that this innovation will enable the use of container vessels, with their incredible safety record and pin-point scheduling, to transport yachts between the world’s main ports for roughly half of the cost of shipping by conventional methods.

“There are several ingredients one needs to be a successful yacht mover,” said Nigel Grayston, CEO of Straight Line’s yacht moving division. “The first priority is a sense of care; and being a sports sailor for the past 30 years, I’ve developed a love of boats and a heightened sense of care. Secondly, you need a tremendous degree of experience, and thirdly you need imagination.

“These flatracks are the latest innovation in the struggle to find cost-effective solutions, giving our clients the care they seek at a price they can afford. Cost-effectiveness in the transport chain means more boats can be sold; this filters through into more international movements.”


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