Trane awards Neovia Logistics' energy-saving measures

UAE-based logistics firm receives an 'Energy Efficiency Leader' award.
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Trane, a global provider of indoor comfort systems and solutions and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, presented its Energy Efficiency Leader Award to Neovia Logistics this week.

Energy efficiency upgrades recently implemented at the three-storey 3000m2 Daimler building, which is owned by Neovia Logistics (formerly, Caterpillar Logistics), are expected to reduce the overall HVAC system energy costs by approximately 23 per cent and to demonstrate an attractive payback period. They are also anticipated to increase energy and operational efficiency and sustainability while improving the comfort and productivity of tenants and staff in the building’s office.

Improvements were needed in the Daimler Building, located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, to increase reliability, comfort and energy efficiency. Ugrades were completed this month.

“We consistently implement innovative methods to create optimal processes, and we are committed to creating a sustainable, energy efficient and productive environment for all our facilities,” said Mohammed Khalid, managing director of Neovia Logistics. “We’re pleased that the selected solutions meet our fiscal and environmental objectives while providing a comfortable working environment for our tenants and their employees.”

Leaders at Neovia Logistics are undertaking the improvements to reflect their corporate commitment to environmental responsibility and to optimise energy and operational efficiency. In recognition of Neovia Logistics’ commitment to energy and operational efficiency and sustainability, Trane is presenting Neovia Logistics with the “Energy Efficiency Leader Award.”

Manlio Valdes, president of Trane and Thermo King in the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa region for Ingersoll Rand, presented the award to Mohammed Khalid. While Award ceremony attendees included senior managers from both Daimler and the EGBC.

“Buildings account for a significant portion of Middle East energy consumption,” said Johan Samuelsson, vice president in the Middle East and Africa regions for Trane. “Adopting a high performance building approach has been shown to reduce energy and operation expenses by as much as 40 to 50 per cent over the life of a building while also improving the safety, comfort and productivity of a building’s occupants.”

A high performance building approach complements building industry standards and helps owners link the physical environment of a building to a business mission. Trane, which has been closely associated with the United Arab Emirates since they established their regional office there more than three decades ago, creates high performance buildings using a unique methodology that combines financial, operating and energy analysis with specialized services.

Leaders from Neovia Logistics chose to replace the original chillers, fresh air-handling units and pumps in the Damiler building with new high efficiency solutions. They also took the improvements a step further and added a centralized exhaust system, heat wheels, heat pipes and a Trane chiller plant manager to further ensure that systems run at optimum energy and operational efficiency.


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