Tristar CEO talks about giving back at World Forum

Eugene Mayne shares his firm's CSR initiatives at France-held event.
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“Giving back is getting back,” revealed Tristar Transport Group CEO Eugene Mayne at the recent World Forum in Lille, France.

The Dubai-based Mayne shared some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives his firm has implemented in the local communities where it operates.

He was one of the speakers on the forum discussing ‘Responsible Entrepreneurship: creating a positive image of entrepreneurs, and encouraging young entrepreneurs to contribute to sustainability.’

Mayne presented several case studies of the firm’s CSR projects in the UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Africa and Guam, among others. He also revealed how the company was benefitting from the goodwill of the local people in the difficult and often dangerous environments in the developing world, where it operated.

The World Forum is committed to demonstrating that from a company’s perspective, adopting a responsible approach to conducting its activities creates a source of profitability such as greater innovation, attractiveness, and competitiveness.
The objective of the World Forum is to ‘advance the Responsible Economy through showcasing best practices adopted by corporations whether SMEs or large groups that exercise their activities responsibly, anywhere in the world, while setting the stage to promote their example.’

Tristar has a global network in 12 countries with more than 1,700 employees. The company serves the petroleum and chemicals industries and is into storage and distribution, ocean and coastal shipping, specialised warehousing and turnkey fuel operations, including into-plane aviation fuel services.

Tristar is a recipient of the 2011 Arabia CSR Award under Best Newcomer Category.

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