ITF union 'applauds' Qatar Airways exit from Cargolux

Airline quits Luxembourg's Cargolux following differences in strategy.
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By Ruchie Shroff

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) "applauded the victory" by its member union, the OGBL in helping secure the withdrawal of Qatar Airways as a part owner of Luxembourg’s Cargolux airline.

Qatar Airways had bought a 35% share in the cargo carrier from the Luxembourg government and other parties in September 2011 and quit due to disagreements about the future direction of the airline. The ITF says the Gulf carrier was seeking a majority stake and the OGBL led a campaign to prevent a takeover and the potential loss of thousands of jobs. The protest was held on November 13.

“This victory comes just days after an OGBL-led demonstration against these potentially disastrous plans, and is proof that rightful resistance pays off,” said Gabriel Mocho, secretary of the ITF’s civil aviation section. “We in the ITF were at that demonstration and have been pleased to help this campaign, but it’s the OGBL that deserves all the recognition for raising the alarm about the danger of job losses and the death of democracy and dialogue in the company.”

Among the arguments presented to the government in Luxembourg against a Qatari takeover was a formal complaint that the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) had presented to the International Labour Organization denouncing serious breaches in international labour conventions in Qatar. The ITUC is developing a campaign against these violations ahead of the 2022 Football World Cup, which is to be held in the country.


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