Supply chain Case Study: RHS Logistics

Richard Bell, GM of RHS Logistics, talks about his firm's operations.


RHS Logistics, the 3PL division of the group was launched in 1998 and has cemented its status as an innovative market leader, with leading edge facilities in Dubai Airport Free Zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone and an upcoming Dh300 million development that will house 120,000 pallet locations in Dubai World Central, home of Logistics City - the innovative government sponsored project to develop a regional multi modal logistics platform.

DWC is the new and latest development of the UAE’s Logistics infrastructure, which houses the Al Maktoum International Airport. It is strategically located adjacent to the seaport and the free zone of Jebel Ali.

Richard Bell is the general manager of RHS Logistics and has been responsible for the development of the company since inception; He says: “For me there is no doubt that Dubai is the most dynamic location in the world right now to be a Logistics service provider.” RHS will continue to develop infrastructure that complements the evolving nature of the Logistics offering in Dubai.

“We would not be able to do this without the commitment of the officials in DWC, they are proving that private and public development can work hand in hand to achieve the vision of a world class logistics platform supported by sophisticated logistics infrastructure.”

RHS logistics business experience extends to various industry segments such as electronics, telecommunications products, computing products, garments, pharmaceuticals and many more. and it provides the broadest and highest-quality range of value-added services, in order to facilitate its clients.

“RHS Logistics holds the client in high regard and will always seek to understand current and future customers’ needs and requirements, always striving to exceed expectations,” says Bell.


RHS Logistics’ business experience extends to various industries. We provide value added services that enhance the customer experience in RHS such as software functional testing on products, kitting, bill of material based activities, barcode printing, RFID tag printing and RFID data identification.


TAPA-A certified 5, state of the art temperature controlled warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone with a capacity of 50,000 pallets on a 50,000 sq. m plot.

A state of the art temperature controlled warehouse in Dubai Airport Free Zone with a capacity of 7,000 pallets on a 6,000 sq. m plot.

A Dubai World Central facility with a capacity of 50,000 pallets on a 53,000 sq. m plot under construction.


We only focus on the provision of warehousing services, and we ensure that our resources, our infrastructure and our systems are the best in class.


Our systems are continually upgraded with the latest developments relative to the Logistics industry. RHS Logistics uses Exceed 4000 from INFOR as the main WMS which is complemented by in-house developed reports and tools that enable efficient business data handling. RHS Logistics platform is a ‘Supply Chain Systems Integrator’. The platform integrates with complementary host systems to provide a comprehensive, secure, accurate origin to destination supply chain solution.


We hold around 60,000 cbm of customer inventory valued at US$200 million. We handle around 40,000 cbm of inbound and outbound inventory transactions through our warehouse each month.


As industry practitioners the challenge is to change the way the purchasing of logistics services is predominantly done in the Middle East. The long term financial benefit an origin-to-destination service such as we provide, supported by value-added services and comprehensive management information support is often not considered in the final analysis. Typically the decision is often based on tariff cost alone and there is not enough weight given to the value a “real” logistics provider can offer.

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