What's so special about the Airbus A320neo?

Firm's marketing chief explains why airlines should opt for A320neo.
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Peter Barnes, head of marketing, Airbus Middle East, discusses the A320neo.

What are the main distinguishing features of the Airbus A320neo?

The A320neo will have over 95% airframe commonality with the existing models of the A320 Family, making it an easy fit into existing fleets. It is the ideal choice for airlines to fulfil a rising demand from the market for green and innovative products by offering 15% more fuel efficiency, high NOx/CO2 reduction, noise reduction, higher overall efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs.

How many orders/commitments for the A320neo have you had so far?*

The A320neo is the fastest selling airliner ever. To date and since its launch, there have been 1429 firm orders by 27 customers. In the Middle East, there have been 149 orders and commitments to date with the most recent one made by Middle East Airlines-Air Liban (MEA), the flag carrier of Lebanon. The biggest order (85 aircraft) in the Middle East is by ALAFCO (Aviation Lease and Finance Company) headquartered in Kuwait.

Can you tell us more about the A320 neo’s ‘Sharklets’ and how this will make the aircraft more fuel efficient?

Sized at approximately 2.5 metres tall and produced primarily with lightweight carbon fibre composites, Sharklets replace the current A320 wingtip fences that are smaller and of a modified triangular shape. The Sharklets are standard on A320neo (new engine option) Family jetliners, and offered as optional equipment on new-build baseline versions of the single-aisle aircraft.

*Interview conducted in August

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