What's so special about the Boeing 737 MAX?

A Boeing VP of marketing makes the case for the 737 MAX.
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We ask Joe Ozimek, vice president of product marketing for the Boeing 737 MAX, why this should be the aircraft of choice for the Middle East.

What would you say are the main distinguishing features of the Boeing 737 MAX?

Boeing's 737 MAX will build on the Next-Generation 737's popularity and reliability while delivering customers unsurpassed fuel efficiency in the single-aisle market airlines require for the future. Recent design updates, including Boeing's Advanced Technology winglet, will result in less drag and further optimize the 737 MAX performance especially on longer-range missions.

The 737 MAX's more efficient structural design, less engine thrust and less required maintenance will also add up to substantial cost advantages for customers, maintaining an 8% operating cost advantage over the nearest competition. The airplane design incorporates the latest quiet engine technology to reduce the operational noise footprint of the airplane by 40%.

Can you tell us more about the Boeing Advanced Technology winglet?

Boeing aerodynamicists used advanced computational fluid dynamics to combine rake tip technology with a dual feather winglet concept into one advanced treatment for the wings of the 737 MAX. The concept is more efficient than any other wingtip device in the single-aisle market because the effective wing span increase is balanced strategically between the upper and lower parts. This moves the centre of gravity of the system down minimizing weight penalty while allowing maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

How many orders/commitments for the Boeing 737 MAX have you had?*

The 737 MAX has 649 orders. The 737 MAX also has commitments to purchase the airplane from the following customers: American Airlines, Aviation Capital Group, Avolon and GECAS. Most recently Kuwait airplane leasing company ALAFCO announced a commitment for 20 737 MAX 8s at the Farnborough Airshow. Interest in the 737 MAX remains strong and we look forward to finalising these commitments and others not yet announced.

*Interview conducted in August.

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