Jordan seeks quick resolve for Hungary logistics centre

Claims bureaucratic procedures hindering new development.
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Jordan's Honorary Consul in Hungary Zeid Naffa' called for speeding up the establishment of the Jordanian logistics center in Hungary and overcoming bureaucratic procedures hindering this process, Jordan's news agency Petra reported.

In an interview with Petra in the Hungarian capital Budapest, Naffa' said that the establishment of a logistics centre in Hungary will contribute to facilitating the transport of Jordanian goods and products to the Hungarian market as well as re-exporting them to the European market.

He highlighted the importance of such center due to Hungary's geographical location and its membership in the European Union and the countries of "Schengen", Naffa' added.

The Jordanian official expressed hope that the Kingdom will succeed in moving from the phase of drawing strategies to real practice after Jordan had signed a protocol with the Hungarian government for the establishment of the center, urging the government and the private sector to be partners in this project.

Naffa' said Jordanian administrative and bureaucratic procedures cripple the process of building the center , although the visit of his Majesty the King to Hungary in 2007, gave the project a great momentum.

The consul added that the Hungarian government and private sector are interested in developing the center to cover the needs of the local market , the markets of neighboring countries, Iraq and the Gulf states to reduce transport and freight costs on importers and traders.


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