German firm Simon-Kucher & Partners to open in Dubai

Consultancy firm hoping to capatalise on region's growth potential.
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German strategy and marketing firm Simon-Kucher & Partners is opening an office in Dubai – its 24th worldwide, it announced yesterday.

“This new office is a big step in our globalisation strategy. Having an office in Dubai gives us better access to the entire Middle Eastern market, closing up a former white spot on our world map,” said Dr. Georg Tacke, Simon-Kuchers’ CEO.

The consultancy hopes to benefit from the region’s high growth potential. The economic growth rate for the Gulf region is estimated to be almost five percent – clearly ahead of industrial countries such as Germany and the rest of Europe.

With a team of seasoned experts, Simon-Kucher will be supporting its clients from all industries on location in the Middle East. It’s an ambitious plan. In the mid-term, the firm plans to staff the Dubai office with 20 consultants and to generate five to ten million USD in revenue annually.

Dr. Ekkehard Stadie, head of the firm’s global telecommunications practice, is the firm’s Partner responsible for Middle East activities. Together with Director Lovrenc Kessler, who will manage the office in Dubai, they have already supported many UAE clients – up to now based out of Germany. With the new office, Simon-Kucher is located even closer to their clients.

Stadie and Kessler are looking forward to the new challenge. "The UAE have left the real estate and financial crisis far behind them. The region’s current economic conditions are favorable, particularly for our management consulting services."

Simon-Kucher’s portfolio – pricing, marketing and sales – fits perfectly with the current developments in the region. For well developed markets like the Gulf region, pricing is without doubt the strongest profit lever.


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