Kuwait Airport adds four gates in $6bn expansion

New construction adds 40% to the capacity of airport's terminals.
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Kuwait International Airport (KIA) has completed the construction of four new departure gates, according to the country’s Director General of of Civil Aviation Fawaz Al-Farah.

Two of the gates have been added to the airport’s southeastern terminal and the other two the southwestern terminal, adding 40% to the capacity of both terminals.

Kuwait’s international airport is being expanded at a total cost of $6bn in a project aimed at almost doubling its capacity.

A new 710,000m2 LEED Gold second passenger terminal is set to renovate the airport and capacitate major airline growth, boosting the capacity of the airport to 13m by 2016.

The directorate is currently working on the completion of the contractual procedures and is awaiting the approval of funds to progress the contract for additional renovations.

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