DAFZA takes action to reduce carbon footprint

Initiatives introduced across existing and new facilities .
Adel Ghafan, Senior Executive Director, Engineering Division of the Dubai Airport Freezone.
Adel Ghafan, Senior Executive Director, Engineering Division of the Dubai Airport Freezone.


In efforts to promote more environmentally friendly business practices, Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) has implemented a number of energy and waste saving products, as well as upgrading existing buildings.

Lighting systems have been changed within existing buildings with LED lights being installed, as well as light switch sensors to reduce light intensity, which reduces energy consumption by eight per cent across each building. Buildings in the Freezone are all built using sustainable building concepts, for example, glass materials are used to help promote low energy consumption: well-lit rooms help to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Each building is also linked through a Building Management System (BMS) meaning that through specialised hardware and software the building’s systems can communicate with one another controlling heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire-alarms, further reducing energy consumption. Centralised AC means that the thermostats can be easily adjusted seasonally across all locations. Waste has been reduced significantly in the Freezone, as a result of waste segregation and the collection and recycling of cooking oil in the DAFZA food court kitchens, which decreased waste disposal by 15 per cent.

Adel Ghafan, Senior Executive Director of Engineering Division of DAFZA, said: “DAFZA has grown significantly since its inception more than 15 years ago. As we continue to evolve, it is our duty to recognise the effect of our activities on the environment and work to reduce this as much as possible.”

“In addition to upgrading our own facilities, we are actively communicating with our tenants to educate them on how they can implement their own green initiatives. We are also providing tenants with shuttle buses and club carts to get around the Freezone to try to reduce the number of cars on the internal rounds.”

DAFZA ensures that on-going audits are conducted, with a commitment to improving environmental efficiency across all its new and existing facilities.

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