Tristar Transport recommending Rollover Warning Device

RWD will warn drivers to slow down or stop to avoid road accidents.


Tristar Transport has installed a Rollover Warning Device (RWD) in some of its road tankers which can warn drivers of impending rollover in time for them to take corrective actions

The RWD device comprises a receiver and sensor. The sensor is mounted on the trailer chassis while the receiver is mounted in the cab with an LED (Green, Yellow and Red) display and audible warning. The receiver records details of the vehicle’s load, weight distribution and centre of gravity to calculate its potential tipping point, while the sensor detects the truck’s acceleration and tilt then transmits the information to the receiver via a wireless connection.

At roundabouts or corners when the speed of the vehicle is excessive and any of the wheel starts to leave the ground a dashboard warning will alert the driver well in time to enable the driver reduce speed.

Tristar revealed in a statement that Road tankers carrying bulk liquid cargoes are prone to rolling over at roundabouts or steep turns due to speed and the movement of the liquid in the tanker. This occurs when the driver is travelling faster then he should and loses control of the vehicle due to shift in the centre of gravity of the vehicle caused by liquid movement inside the tanker. This condition is exacerbated when the tanker is partially loaded. Hazardous cargos have the potential to cause environmental or human disaster if they are spilled as a result of truck rollover.

The benefits of the rollover warning system implementation is substantial as transport operators can eventually create a smoother driving behavior among their drivers which will result in lower fuel consumption and less maintenance costs.

Tristar recently received the 2012 Management of Road Risk Gold Award from UK-based ROSPA which stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. ROSPA has long campaigned for organizations to adapt a proactive risk management approach to reducing the risks connected with 'at work' vehicle use.

Tristar was also awarded by Shell as the ‘Best Haulier of the Year 2011’ in the UAE and Oman because of its consistent performance in 2011 in the areas of compliance with Shell global standards, operational excellence, customer service, and social performance, among others.


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