Saudi Arabia remains Dubai's largest export market

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry reports puts Iraq second.
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Saudi Arabia remains the largest export and re-export market for Dubai in the first half of 2012, accounting for 27% of the market totaling AED 36.3 billion ($9.88bn), according to a report released by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

According to the DCCI, Iraq ranked second of DCCI member export and re-export goods at AED 19.4 bn ($5.2bn), followed by Qatar at AED 10.4bn ($2.8bn), Kuwait at AED 8.8bn ($2.3bn), Oman at AED 5.1bn ($1.3bn), and India at AED 2.8bn ($760m).

During the six-month period, 109,315 certificates of origin (COs) were issued to export shipments destined for Saudi Arabia, equivalent to 30% of all COs issued during the period, the report stated.

COs covering export shipments of DCCI members to Qatar totaled 60,810 or 16 percent of the total, Kuwait received, 35,146 COs or 9%, Oman, 22,910 COs or 6%, Bahrain 17,629 COs or 5%, and the UAE 17,000 COs or 5% of the total certificates issued during the six-month period

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