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Company: Gulf University of Science & Technology
Category: Training, recruitment & consultancy

The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) has established itself as one of the Middle East's leading institution for educational programmes relating to logistics and supply chain management.

As the first private university to commence operations in Kuwait, it has created a dedicated faculty for the logistics sector, titled the GUST Logistics Forum (GLF), which is founded by industry veteran Professor Philbert Suresh.

"GLF provides networking and industry information to students interested in the fields of logistics and supply chain management," he explains. "Amongst our activities in 2007 was a number of seminars with international guest speakers, specialist field visits to logistics trading centres and facilities around the world, and interactive forums, where students are encouraged to network and discuss important topics."

Highlighting its efforts to promote logistics in the Middle East, GLF is planning to launch a publication on the regional industry, which is scheduled for publishing in late 2008 or early 2009. To research the book, Suresh and his team have launched an online survey on the university's website, which has already received a positive response from the public.


"The book will cover the evolution of transportation in countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Oman," he explains. "We have arranged a number of regional and international trips to help compile case studies for the publication. For example, we'll be looking at Kuwait's role in the Middle Eastern logistics industry, but further afield too, we will be visiting the Airbus headquarters in France, as well as the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam."

The book will eventually be available in universities and educational institutes, in addition to bookstores throughout the region. "We're hoping this publication will inspire young minds for 21st century challenges," says Suresh. "As the logistics industry continues to grow, it is important to support these developments with an efficient educational system. That's why we have decided to produce an easily readable textbook, which helps create a better understanding about Middle East logistics, not only in this region, but throughout the world."

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Company: Hy-Tech Logistics
Category: training, recruitment & consultancy

Hy-Tech Logistics has actively increased its presence in the Middle East this year, with the company establishing its regional headquarters in Dubai and obtaining the necessary licences to expand its portfolio of services.

"We were previously working on a remote basis within the Middle East, but customer demand has continued to increase, especially with our recruitment service. During the last six months, we have secured deals with a number of high profile international brands to represent them as their exclusive recruiter in the Middle East. As a result, we decided to officially base ourselves in Dubai and become more accessible to customers in this region," says John Halpin, general manager of Hy-Tech Logistics.

The Irish company states the market has responded favourably to the Dubai office, which officially opened its doors in April 2007. "Our professional recruitment service and educational courses have proved hugely successful with clients across the region. In addition, we obtained a logistics operator licence this year, which means we can expand our range of services to include everything we provide to customers in other parts of the world," says Halpin. "We are now rolling out services such as the design and build of warehouses and logistics facilities, freight forwarding and logistics operations, managed service centres, and the usual recruitment consultancy and education services."


Hy-Tech Logistics continued its expansion in Dubai with the key appointments of Fuat Koseoglu as client services executive, with a particular focus on the development of education and learning services, and Amit Ahuja as group development manager, with responsibilities to grow the company's logistics and freight forwarding sector.

Also this year, Hy-Tech Logistics introduced a CV database - - which has already registered one million hits since its launch in May 2007. "The website has proven to be very popular amongst candidates and clients in the region. It will receive a facelift in 2008 to make it even more attractive to job seekers and hiring companies in the Middle East. We're also planning to launch a general recruitment site next year, which will complement our recruitment service," says Halpin. "In fact, we have a lot of exciting plans for next year, which will help the company to continue its rapid growth in this region. The last twelve months has passed very quickly and with the electric pace of the logistics market in Dubai, you can guarantee the next twelve will pass just as quickly."

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Company: The Tutelage
Category: training, recruitment & consultancy

The Tutelage has experienced another successful year in 2007, with its training services being utilised by approximately 1800 people during the past twelve months.

The Dubai-based company has worked with clients across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia to deliver educational programmes in various topics relating to supply chain management. Some of the most popular courses in 2007 included best practices in warehousing, implementing RFID technology and improving outsourced logistics services.

"Our consultants are industry leaders who possess over 20 years of experience in management and training," explains Muhammad Asghar, executive director of The Tutelage. "The business has performed very strongly this year and the feedback has been very positive. We provide evaluation forms after each course and this year we have averaged a customer satisfaction rate of 97.8%, which is very encouraging."

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Company: Logistics Recruitment
Category: training, recruitment & consultancy

Logistics Recruitment marked its entry into the Middle East and Africa by opening a regional office in Dubai around three years ago. Since then, the Australian company has successfully developed its presence in the local logistics industry, targeting service companies, such as freight forwarders and 3PLs, as well as manufacturers and distributors.

"The massive economic growth in GCC countries, fuelled by oil revenues and liberalisation, has been a boom for recruitment companies in general this year. However, this didn't make the recruitment process any easier, because more companies are chasing fewer candidates and organisations are struggling with both the talent shortage and employee retention issues," says Nigel Moore, Logistics Recruitment's managing director in the Middle East and Africa.

"Logistics Recruitment has continued to grow in the past year, not only in the scope and volume of work, but also in terms of geographical reach. We have a growing number of clients using our services to fill roles in North Africa, the Caucusus, CIS and Nigeria to name but a few.


The company has also expanded into new territories around the world, with the Singapore, Shanghai and Amsterdam offices making significant contributions to the global business. Along with these successful expansions, Moore admits that the company is continually challenged in the Middle East, as rising costs make the region less attractive to international talent than in previous years.

"We have spent quite some time during the year on new attraction strategies and working closely with clients to improve their hiring process. With talent being so critical to success in this dynamic market it's essential that companies get their recruitment programmes working effectively," he says.

"As global economies compete heavily with the Middle East for available talent then the shortage of logistics professionals will be a growing challenge. Unsurprisingly, our clients have faced difficulties in attracting and retaining the right talent and there is more emphasis being placed on retention than ever before. Talent retention may be the key human resource issue for Middle East companies in the coming twelve months."

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Company: University of Wollongong in Dubai
Category: training, recruitment & consultancy

Amongst its activities in 2007, the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) continued its efforts to launch a postgraduate course in logistics, covering topics such as strategic supply chain operations, logistics information systems and inventory management.

Details of the proposed Master of Science programme were submitted to Dubai's Ministry of Higher Education last year for the government's official accreditation process. The application proved a success and the university has already received approval to enrol students and commence the programme during its spring semester in January 2008

"The student population at UOWD is truly multicultural. At the postgraduate level, we have approximately 30% Emiratis, 30% Arab nationals, 30% Indian subcontinent nationals and 10% of other nationalities," explains Dr Cedwyn Fernandes, the university's chair of graduate studies. "Most of our postgraduate students are working professionals who have considerable work experience to bring to the classroom and formalise their knowledge through the course.

The university also entered negotiations with a leading 3PL this year to discuss the possibility of establishing a dedicated research centre for logistics and supply chain management.

"This is basically an extension of the university's work back in Australia, where it has established a centre to conduct research into supply chain management," says Fernandes. "A number of topics will be researched in the Dubai centre, which will support the future growth and development of the logistics industry in the Middle East. It will also host various executive seminars, guest speaker presentations and the well-known Supply Chain Executive Forum event.

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Company: X|vise Innovative Logistics
Category: training, recruitment & consultancy

Although demand for specialist consultancy services aimed at the Middle East logistics industry has been limited in the past, the market is experiencing a radical shift in direction. Companies operating in this region have become increasingly aware about the benefits of improving their supply chain efficiencies, which has increased the viability of hiring the services of logistics consultants.

Since entering the Middle East market in 2005, X|vise Innovative Logistics has directly benefited from the change in attitude of the regional business community. In particular, this year has witnessed a record number of enquiries from potential customers in the United Arab Emirates. "We have definitely noticed a healthy trend in the Middle East, with a greater number of CEOs and managing directors now appreciating that professional logistics advice is a valuable resource for their companies," says Andreas Dür, head of X|vise in Dubai.

"For many years now, the proportionately low operating costs in this region have benefited the logistics industry. However, land prices are exploding now, the emirate is getting crowded and the government is altering its regulatory framework. For companies to remain competitive, they must embrace innovation and start thinking outside of the box," he adds.


The food distribution sector has been a key market for X|vise Innovative Logistics this year, which Dür believes has faced considerable challenges because of stricter standards becoming commonplace. In the summer of 2007, a local food distributor entrusted the X|vise Innovative Logistics team with the reorganisation of its entire operative business. This focused on the areas of procurement, warehousing and dispatch of products. "This contract involved the restructuring of administrative processes and the physical flow of the goods. The client's long-term cooperation provided us with the opportunity to showcase our capabilities and highlight the benefits we can bring in regards to processes, technical areas and financially," says Dür.

In order to meet increasing demands on logistics consultancy services, X|vise expanded its team during the course of last year.

"We were able to get two experienced logistics experts on board with Atif Ur Rehman and Umer Shams Arakkal," enthuses Andreas Dür. "Now we are looking ahead to the future and I believe another period of growth for X|vise is predestined."

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