WATCH: Siemens moving the world's largest rotor blades

Three 75-metre wind turbine rotor blades transported 320km by road.
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It’s one thing building the world’s largest wind turbine rotor blades, but transporting them to a prototype turbine off the Danish coast is a very different challenge. Earlier this month, three of Siemens’ record-breaking 75-metre blades were transported 320 kilometres by road on an 85-metre long, five-metre wide, four-metre high, 680 horsepower vehicle weighing 54 tonnes to Østerild.

Navigating nine roundabouts and necessitating the removal of six light poles and eleven traffic signs, the logistically challenging project has enabled Siemens to begin construction on the first prototype of the 6-MW offshore wind turbine with a 154-metre rotor. One turbine will be capable of providing 6,000 homes with electricity.

Watch the move here


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