Dubai Customs foils bid to smuggle 1kg heroin haul

Air passenger caught with 110 capsules containing drugs inside him.
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Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport have foiled a bid to smuggle more than 1kg of heroin, officials said on Wednesday.

The drugs were concealed in the stomach of an Asian traveller coming into the country through Terminal 1, Dubai Customs said in a statement.

Ali Saleh Al Maghawi, director of Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, said inspectors suspected the passenger after having completed passport procedures.

"The passenger seemed confused, nervous and anxious, and customs inspectors also noticed signs of exhaustion in him, and decided to closely monitor him when he entered the customs checking zone to complete inspection procedures," he added.

The passenger was asked to go through the body scanner, which showed a "murky substance inside his guts", the statement said.

When questioned, the passenger said that they were capsules containing a narcotic substance.

It was later found that there were a total of 110 plastic capsules, containing 1,166 grams of heroin.

The passenger was supposed to contact a person living in Dubai and deliver the capsules to him, the statement added.

The passenger and the seized drugs were transferred to police to proceed with necessary legal actions.

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