28 stowaways arrested by Dubai Customs

The group illegally boarded an Asia-bound commercial vessel.
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Dubai Customs inspectors thwarted an attempt of 28 stowaways from different Asian nationalities found hiding in a cargo ship voyaging from Dubai Creek port to an unnamed Asian country

A source at Dubai Customs revealed that the inspection team at Dubai Customs Creek Centre climbed the ship and searched it and found 28 stowaways from different Asian nationalities hidden in the cabinet. On the basis of cooperation and coordination between the government agencies operating at the Creek, the stowaways were transferred to Port Police for further investigation.

Dubai Customs revealed through a statement that it is always keen to cooperate and coordinate with entire related government agencies over combating infiltration of prohibited and fake goods and contributing at the same time to the seizure of any other offences that may fall in the inspectors` hands including illegal infiltration into or outside the country, especially, the infiltrators status always found in violation to the regulations and laws of residency and mostly the cases of these people might be criminal or at least involved in offences deemed to be illegal by law, e.g. illegal entry, working in the country on visit visas, larceny, embezzlement, scam and fraud crimes.

"We always seek to deploy most efficient inspectors at entire Customs Centres and we intensively train them to acquire best professionalism and skills through special training courses programs which objectively tailored to improve business and develop competencies of inspectors to enable them discovering statistical numbers of offences involving goods, merchandize and people," the statement continued.

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