Atlas Copco generates engineering feat

New Atlas Copco QAC 1250 squeezes 1MW generator in 20-foot container.
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By: Stian Overdahl

After requests from numerous companies, Atlas Copco has performed the feat of building a 1MW generator in a standard 20-foot container. Marketed as the ‘smallest colossus you can get’, the QAC 1250 is CSC certified, making it easily and legally transportable as container cargo.

A strong selling point for the Middle East markets is that the machine is built to operate in high ambient temperatures, with its intelligent cooling system ensuring 100% power at 40°C, at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level. With a cooling flow adjusted to the cooling requirements of the engine, saving energy, allowing a better cooling, and lowering noise levels, the QAC 1250 is well-suited for use in high temperatures, lowering the risk of unwanted high temperature shut-downs.

The KTA 50 engine features high performance levels coupled with a compact dimension, and a dual stage heavy duty fuel filtration system with double fuel filter element and water separator safeguard the engine.

The 3 phase Leroy Somer alternator is equipped with a Permanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) as auxillary exciting supply to guarantee a powerful and fast build-up-system, and comes standard with an anti-condensation heater to extend it lifespan.

Keeping the generator running smoothly should be easy, with an automatic oil make-up system to regulate the level of the lubrication oil. A dual stage air filtration system makes filter maintenance easy, and there is a dedicated door for easy cleaning of the engine coolers, as well as large service access doors. High specification industrial grade paint is used for corrosion protection.

Safety is also well-catered for, with a prominent emergency shut-down button, as well as an audible and visual alarm. The QAC 1250 also features an air shutdown valve for refinery and high risk explosion areas.

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