Kuwait customs stops liquor carton smuggling attempt

Wanted Kuwaiti citizen arrested with 1554 cartons of liquor.
Image for illustration purposes only (getty images).
Image for illustration purposes only (getty images).


A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for receiving 1554 cartons of liquor bottles, which were smuggled into the country via a ship, the Arab Times newspaper reported this week.

According to security sources, when the Directorate General for Drug Control received information from a source that a ship carrying a cargo of liquor bottles would arrive at Kuwait Port, a team was formed with the coordination of the General Customs Department for investigations.

At the port, they observed the unloading of two containers that they suspected contained the cargo. They followed the vehicle as it transported the containers from the port to an area where the man received the goods. They immediately surrounded the suspect and checked the containers to find several cartons of liquor of different brands.

When they checked the details of the receiver, they discovered that he is a Kuwaiti citizen who was wanted by law for his involvement in several other criminal cases. He was arrested and referred to the concerned authorities along with the cartons of liquor for necessary legal action against him.

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