Royal Jordanian Airlines welcomes new A321

Plane is third A321 to join carrier's fleet this year.
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A new Airbus A321 joined the Royal Jordanian fleet, the third to be introduced this year, and it will serve the medium-haul routes of the RJ network.

The aircraft carries the name of the city of Madaba, southwest of the capital Amman. It is part of the modernisation plan that RJ is undertaking to replace six of its A320s and A321s with seven new ones of the same type.

During this and last year, RJ has already introduced four A320 and two A321 aircraft, whereas the last aircraft will join the fleet this November. With this move, the airline will conclude the plan for medium-range fleet modernisation.

RJ CEO Abdelrahman El-Khatib said that the replacement aims at upgrading the level of onboard services and maintaining a modern fleet. In addition to superb services, the airline saves time and money by having a young fleet.

El-Khatib added that these new airliners were introduced at this stage to meet the growing demand on travel aboard RJ, particularly that a large number of RJ passengers tend to spend their summer vacations in some close by countries.

According to El-Khatib, RJ has been seeing a remarkable increase in the number of passengers since the beginning of this year.

He also mentioned that the A321 seats 162 passengers, 20 in the Crown Class cabin. In addition, all economy and J class seats are equipped with personal touch screens, making it easier and more comfortable for each passenger to watch his/her favorite programs and play the system games.

El-Khatib said that RJ selected the V2500 engines to reduce fuel consumption and ensure operating efficiency.

He added that RJ is now preparing for the introduction of 11 Boeing 787s that will be run on the long-haul network. The first batch is expected to join

RJ as of 2014; the planes will gradually join the fleet until 2017, to replace the currently operating A330s and A340s.

The RJ fleet now numbers 32 aircraft, reaching 60 direct destinations and more than 850 airports through itsoneworld partners.

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