BLOG 4: Ahmad Lala: Transcending logistics

DAILY BLOG By: Ahmad Lala, Editor of Logistics Middle East Magazine.
Ahmad Lala, Editor of Logistics Middle East Magazine.
Ahmad Lala, Editor of Logistics Middle East Magazine.


It’s going to be a long weekend in the UAE with a public holiday to commemorate the Ascension of the Prophet (PBUH) on Sunday June 17. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to transcend the norm and concentrate on a higher level of supply chain and logistics in my blog today.

No matter what theory, religion or institute you subscribe to, you have to admit the logistics of the earth, galaxy and even our own bodies are phenomenally well run supply chain systems.

Take those ultimate water cargo carriers above us (also known as clouds). They are said to form in less than an hour and weigh about roughly four billion kilograms – the equivalent of 10,000 Boeing 747s. Throw in the fact that there‘s no fuel costs, and you have to wonder what the air cargo operators would give to have a cloud in their fleet?

Right, I’ll stop on the fun facts before this turns into a ‘science lesson for kids’. Needless to say, I’ve met a few software developers who’ve told me that they model nature’s systems in the computer programmes they build.

So, perhaps this weekend you can take a moment to consider the complexity (or simplicity) of the supply chain systems around you and, who knows, maybe you will surprise yourself by finding a solution to some of your company’s logistics problems where you least expect it.

This train of thought also leads to another super phenomenon that could ultimately change the face of this industry: the Virgin Galactic space flights. News earlier this year revealed that a spaceport is to be built in Abu Dhabi.

While the current plan is to fly passengers from the UAE capital to New Mexico in an hour – I strongly believe that if someone is willing to pay for the luxury of sending a document (or a birthday card for that matter) through space, then Virgin Galactic will transport it.

In fact, I’m sure this might even be something the firm has discussed. It would certainly give a new meaning to the term 'express delivery'. I look forward to getting the thoughts of the respective officials in the future.

Enjoy the weekend, until next time; keep well…

As editor of Logistics Middle East magazine, I’ve decided to do a regular lighthearted blog for this website. I will take an alternative look at the logistics issues of the day, treat you to behind the scenes information on the personalities I meet in this industry and basically give you a general overview of life as a logistics journalist.

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