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Dubai Customs releases fourth annual Corporate Sustainability Report.
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Huge savings on electricity consumption, reduction in carbon emission and the best rate of Emiratisation among Dubai government departments, are some of the successes highlighted by Dubai Customs in its fourth annual Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR).

This report represents the Department’s efforts and practices towards Corporate Social Responsibility and discusses its approach and achievements towards social, economic, environmental and workplace effects arising from business practices during the past financial year.

The report says that the percentage of the Emiratization at the end of 2011, has reached to record 79.3 per cent, which has been recorded as the highest percentage amongst all competing Dubai government departments. There was also a growth in the number of training programmes offered to both local and expat employees.

In terms of the market place, the report represents views from the outcomes achieved by customers last year, namely, the launch of an innovative mobile service, “My SMART Reports Service”, which is meant to serve and provide a high level of customer service and enhance the revenues by 11.7 per cent, besides improving the number of clients who are registered with Dubai Customs.

The report also highlights some key community achievements of Dubai Customs, including the launch of number of campaigns for supporting National Identity, such as adoption of the “My Flag” initiative. Also included is the opening of a Dubai Customs pavilion at the children entertainment city “Kidzania” in Dubai Mall which taught around 22,500 children about being a Custom Inspector, and spreading awareness to 39,000 students on IPR.

A large section of the report is also dedicated to the environmental performance. About 828,000 watts were saved and 41,000 tonnes of Co2 emission were reduced as a result of using environmental friendly air conditioning and warming systems and green building systems, it claimed. The Department through the recycling programme managed to preserve 208,000 trees and adopted the “Green Customs” initiative which was launched in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

In June 2011, the department in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Water and with the participation of WCO and a number of related International Organization held a successful workshop on this initiative with the aim of combating illegitimate trading in environmental detrimental substances.

HE Ahmed Butti Ahmed, executive chairman of ports, customs and free zones, and the director general of Dubai Customs said: “The adherence to Social Responsibility moves in harmony with the oriented guidelines of the Dubai Government which aims at achieving sustainable development and maintaining excellence and leadership in all areas. These are reported and highlighted in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) encompassing our employees, market place, society and the environment, and has contributed to improved performance of Dubai Customs, socially, economically and environmentally to enhance its reputation and image in the region.”

“Our publishing of the Sustainability Report for the fourth consecutive year is our commitment to pursue the institutional work of CSR and its activities, as we seek to sustain our efforts, our standards and our values, and find creative ways to reach better levels of excellence in all areas.

“Dubai Customs is the first customs organisation in the world to have a Sustainability Report in accordance with the guidelines of GRI – G3.1 from Amsterdam, attaining level - A, which is the highest level of accreditation reflecting compliance and transparency on the organisation’s annual achievements,” he added.

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