UAE's Trakker Middle East joins forces with US company

TME and Global Track to launch new container tracking devices.
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Trakker Middle East (TME), a subsidiary of the UAE’s Al-Jaber Group, and US firm Global Track have signed an agreement to launch new tracking devices for containers, it was announced this week.

The agreement was signed by Naim Abdel Hadi (GM of TME) and Richard Myers (president and CEO of Global Track).

Hadi said: “This agreement comes according to our policy to select our partners carefully to provide excellent service to our clients within UAE. Global Track comes in first place in the field container tracking system; its products are made of high quality components and are accredited by the Pentagon.

“After 9/11 the world has become more aware of technology to secure and protect people as well as assets and investments; and with the acceleration of international trade processes there is a need for tracking system, which will help in monitoring containers and cargo shipments by using modern techniques, especially via satellite. Having such system will help to minimise theft, illegal trade and losses - these sophisticated devices can also monitor weather conditions and control temperature and humidity inside the container, which helps the goods reach the destination in a good condition,” he added.

Meanwhile Meyers added: “There’re about 20 million containers passing annually through the UAE, either through seaports or dry ports, which have given the UAE an advantage to be the most important trading spot in the region. That number of containers will be increased in the coming years.

“We've studied the market carefully and previewed the companies operating in the region to choose the right partner to work with; Trakker Middle East was a qualified company because of its reputation in market in the UAE and the GCC.”

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