BLOG 2: Ahmad Lala: Magic of a dark nature

DAILY BLOG By: Ahmad Lala, Editor of Logistics Middle East Magazine.
Ahmad Lala, Editor of Logistics Middle East Magazine.
Ahmad Lala, Editor of Logistics Middle East Magazine.


Yesterday I blogged about the magic of a photo shoot; today it is a different type of magic that I want to talk about – one of a more sinister and darker nature.

The item that caught my interest on our website today is a story about Dubai Customs arresting two men attempting to smuggle in 1200 items used in witchcraft and black magic rituals.

Some of the items included: magic teaching books, animal bones, leaves, powders, sorcery knives, and vials with blood and other questionable liquids – the only thing that seemed to be missing from the list was a black cloak of invisibility to shield the items from the alert Customs’ staff at the Dubai International Airport.

If you’ve missed that story, you can find it here:

This story raises the question: is there really such a demand for items of this nature in the UAE? Or are people just interested in the forbidden arts because – well they are forbidden under UAE law?

On the other hand, it has peaked my interest to dig deeper into logistics companies that legally transport high-priced artifacts and art in the region. Perhaps it will make an interesting case study in a future edition of Logistics Middle East Magazine.

Until tomorrow then; keep well…

As editor of Logistics Middle East magazine, I’ve decided to do a regular lighthearted blog for this website. I will take an alternative look at the logistics issues of the day, treat you to behind the scenes information on the personalities I meet in this industry and basically give you a general overview of life as a logistics journalist.

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