Royal Jordanian diverts flight to save passenger

Iraqi citizen on board showed symptoms of a heart attack - airline.
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Royal Jordanian flight (267) heading to Detroit on Tuesday morning was diverted to Munich International Airport at 7 am to save the life of a passenger.

In a press statement, the airline said that the captain of the Airbus 340 aircraft, carrying 170 passengers, took the decision to land at the nearest airport after the crew informed him that a passenger was showing symptoms of a heart attack and needed to get medical help immediately. As soon as the plane landed in Munich, the passenger, an Iraqi citizen, was transferred to the nearest hospital.

According to the statement, the flight to Detroit was resumed after a delay of two hours and a half at Munich International Airport.

RJ stressed in a statement that, 'it is keen on the well-being and safety of its passengers despite the financial burdens that it incurs in case of emergency landings, due to the extra fuel consumed, the landing and airport fees and the delay caused'.


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