Drydocks World, London college conduct joint research

Study to look into the health of the company's welders here in Dubai.
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Drydocks World – Dubai has joined hands with the Occupational Health and Environmental Respiratory Department at the Imperial College London to conduct research focused on the respiratory health of Drydocks' employees.

Representatives from the college along with Drydocks World – Dubai Medical Centre will be conducting a retrospective study to look into the health of welders in the yard.

Prof. Paul Cullinan, head of occupational and environmental respiratory disease at the National Heart and Lung Institute - Imperial College London met with Khamis Juma Buamim, chairman - Drydocks World and Maritime World, to mark the beginning of this new relationship.

Buamim said: “Occupational Health & Safety of our employees is at the top of our priorities. We recognise our people as our strategic assets and their development is of premium importance. We are pleased that we are able to contribute towards this landmark research in the field of occupational health and demonstrate our commitment to the health and safety of our workforce through this collaboration. Researches like these will not only have a positive impact on the employees of Drydocks World - Dubai but can beneficial the industry globally.”

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