Black Spot given to pirates through new GAC software

New feature for Fleetweb includes sea crime data and an alert system.
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GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions, an alliance between the Dubai-based GAC Group and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), has unveiled a new feature of its Fleetweb online application to alert users of co-ordinates and details of sea crime attacks.

This latest upgrade adds a valuable new tool to Fleetweb, which already provides operators with map-based intelligence about the locations of their vessels and the weather conditions they face, enabling constant monitoring and optimisation of fleet routing and performance.

Through filter systems, operators have an overview of how their vessels are performing in terms of speed and fuel consumption, while bunker buyers can see on a daily basis what fuel volumes are required, and technical managers can better plan maintenance schedules.

With the addition of the Sea Crime Solutions, security personnel can now use Fleetweb to reduce the risk to their vessels. This latest upgrade provides rapid sea crime alerts with precise co-ordinates and incident details to allow operators to immediately inform their ships of attacks in their vicinity and along their planned routes. It also gives an accurate picture of the overall sea crime threat at any given time, particularly in high-risk waters.

Lennart Cederberg, global product manager of GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions, explains: “Users are alerted in a highly visible way with a piracy attack icon on the Fleetweb map. This allows them to immediately assess the current location of their vessels in relation to the attack and to take the necessary precautionary steps.”

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