Dubai's maritime authorities tackle waste management

Dubai Maritime City Authority instructs staff on new industry methods.
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Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) recently concluded an orientation to brief the staff of Dubai Municipality and Dubai Central Lab (DCL) on the integrated waste management plan and processes being adopted by the cruise ship Voyager of the Seas.

The integrated waste management plan and processes being adopted by the cruise ship range from ballast water and sediment management, segregation of waste and lifecycle analysis of all products used aboard.

DMCA coordinated the shipboard environmental orientation led by Adel Kalantar. The orientation for the Dubai Municipality Environmental Team was led by Mohammed Ali and the orientation for Dubai Central Lab was led by Hawa Abdulla Bastaki, Director Dubai Central Laboratory Department of Dubai Municipality.

Ali Al Daboos, executive director of operations at DMCA, said: “The proper implementation of an integrated waste management plan is very important in our continuing efforts to control marine pollution and promote the sustainable growth of the maritime sector.

"The recent orientation provided an opportunity for Dubai Municipality personnel to better understand the processes adopted by high-profile shipping companies such as Royal Caribbean Cruises to conform to international standards in maritime waste management. Dubai Maritime City Authority will continue to organise similar activities to ensure that ships comply with Dubai’s stringent maritime waste management regulations.”

DMCA commended the Voyager of the Seas and its owner Royal Caribbean Cruises for their environmental programs, which have exceeded the standards established by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) marine pollution prevention convention. The ship’s Captain and the Environmental Officer were also recognized for supporting the orientation.

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