Dubai's maritime authorities look to joint initiatives

DMCA in talks with UAE National Ship Suppliers Association.
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Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) received a delegation this week from the UAE National Ship Suppliers Association (UNSSA) to discuss potential joint initiatives between both parties.

CEO Amer Ali and COO Ali Dabbous attended the meeting on behalf of DMCA, a government entity in-charge of regulating and supervising all aspects of the maritime sector in the emirate. While, the delegation from the UAE National Ship Suppliers Association (UNSSA) was led by Saeed Malek, president of UNSSA and vice president of the International Ship Suppliers Association.

Efforts to explore prospects for cooperation between the Authority and UNSSA, particularly in areas that promote enhanced communication between both parties to share knowledge and expertise in support of their shared objectives and goals, as well as to identify ways to increase efficiency in operation and maintain high standards in ship supply services, were discussed.

The visiting delegation was also briefed on DMCA’s experience in establishing maritime regulations and organizing industry-related activities and operations, as well as its role in facilitating interaction among all industry stakeholders.

“DMCA plays a vital role to promote maritime safety and organize regular industry activities in line with best international practices,” said Malek. “We are delighted to share knowledge with DMCA, whose ultimate goal is to better govern this sector and strengthen the UAE’s position as a leading destination in the international maritime industry.”

While, Ali added: “These joint meetings with local maritime entities help create channels of constructive communication to share our expertise and capitalize on available resources to provide better maritime services. It is our pleasure to receive the UNSSA delegation to discuss potential joint cooperation initiatives that will help promote maritime activities in a way that will enhance the performance of maritime businesses and reaffirm Dubai’s leading role as a top-rated international maritime hub.

“We look forward to further strengthening this partnership that reflects our common goals to cater to the needs of maritime businesses and to support the economic growth of the country,” he said.

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