Bahrain's Tamkeen to provide supply chain training

Initiative to provide warehouse management training announced.
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Tamkeen, Bahrain's labour fund, launched a Warehouse Management Training and Employment Programme in partnership with Bahrain International Retail Development Centre (BIRD) to train 150 of the country's citizens.

Upon successful completion of the training the participants will obtain an internationally recognised qualification from the United Kingdom.

This programme represents the latest addition to Tamkeen's employment and training schemes targeted to stimulate the growth of the booming supply chain and logistics sector in Bahrain.

In accordance with the demand for a qualified local workforce in this key sector, Tamkeen will be roll out the training over a period of six months and will include a mixture of academic and on the job training at selected companies leading towards a professional Diploma qualification in Warehouse Management from the United Kingdom (BTEC level 2 certificate in warehousing and storage principles).

Tamkeen's senior manager for human capital development, Amal Al-Kooheji commented: “Tamkeen is committed to delivering its promise of making Bahrainis the employees of choice, through addressing skills gaps in the employment market.

“The demand in the logistics and warehouse sector for internationally recognized qualifications are ever-growing and, for the industry to be sustainable, we require local competencies in preparation for the new job opportunities that are envisaged. We are confident that today’s announcement will contribute to filling those jobs with a local workforce and as opposed to replying on transient expatriate labour.”

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