UAE rail operator Etihad Rail unveils new train designs

Locomotives will be painted in durable light grey with red bands.
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Etihad Rail, the UAE’s national railway operator, unveiled the approved livery for its locomotives this week.

The locomotives will be finished in a durable light grey paint scheme, with broad red bands and the Etihad Rail logo situated near the middle of the body line. The decision was made following a Board of Directors meeting chaired by H.E Nasser Al Sowaidi, chairman of Etihad Rail.

“We are very proud to share the approved livery for our locomotives. The livery is aligned with Etihad Rail’s established brand identity, which incorporates the colours of the UAE flag as a symbol of national pride and unity,” said Al Sowaidi.

US based Electro-Motive Diesel, a manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives, was awarded the contract to deliver the locomotives for Stage One of the rail network in the summer of 2011. Delivery of the locomotives is scheduled for the end of 2012, and will support the inaugural service of transporting granulated sulphur from Shah and Habshan to Ruwais. Three locomotives will haul trains of up to 110 wagons, with each train carrying up to 11,000 tonnes.

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