UK logistics firm Ale tops Dubai heavyweight record

The 12,000 ton shift is heaviest land move of vessel in the emirate.
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British-headquartered heavy lift and transport company ALE successfully moved a 12,000 ton vessel in Dubai, the company announced.

The move, which required the use of 418 axles of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), was the heaviest land move of a vessel in Dubai.

The company moved the vehicle, a purpose built jack up vessel designed for the offshore installation of both turbines and foundations, from its location in the fabrication facility within Jebel Ali Freezone and transported it more than a kilometre to the load-out quay.

Cameron Waugh, General Manager at ALE said: “It is always a great sense of achievement to perform a first for the region, but to achieve a first for the company on one of our projects proves how, through careful planning and a skilled workforce, we truly are pushing the boundaries in the heavylift industry.”

In April, the company utilised its flagship crane the AL.SK190 on two Middle East projects located in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. The first for an NGL gas plant, and second an oil refinery in the area.

The first of the two projects saw ALE transport and erect 70 heavy lifts including a deethaniser column weighing 1425 tonnes, and a depropaniser column weighing 1401 tonnes, into a gas plant as part of an expansion project to incorporate a 4th NGL train.

The second project was a refinery expansion project for a new build residual fluidised catalytic cracker unit (RFCC). This project is currently in its third phase and, on completion, will see a total of seven lifts in four separate locations. During these lifts the 1600 ton capacity CC8800-1 is being used as the tailing crane for the AL.SK190. The first of the 7 pieces included an 1100 ton reactor, a 1200 ton main fractionator column, and a 1900 ton regenerator.

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