Kenya Airways plans security for Dubai route

Airline to pilot a specialised service for product transportation.


Kenya Airways has selected its route between Nairobi and Dubai to pilot a specialised service for the transportation of products that require higher levels of security.

The 'KQ Security' service is expected to capitalise on growing demand for the transportation of products that are vulnerable to pilferage, including digital cameras, mobile phones and computer accessories.

"This high security service has been launched for security firms, cargo agents and traders, in addition to shippers who are dealing with consignments that are vulnerable to theft," said Shawn McGuiness, head of cargo at Kenya Airways.

"We have already received a positive response from the industry and we're optimistic that volumes will continue to grow once we have gained customer confidence in the product," he added.

Kenya Airways is promising to provide complete security throughout the transportation chain as part of the service, with specialised handling procedures from airport to airport. However, customers will be charged approximately 50% over the usual transportation rates and must declare their cargo four hours before departure.

"KQ Security was launched on the route between Nairobi and Dubai because we wanted to commence the service with one destination and gain expertise in the specialised handling procedure before rolling out to other stations. We've successfully launched our other products KQ Express and KQ Pharma in the same way," said McGuiness.

"In addition, Dubai already has excellent security measures in place, which are in line with the requirements of this product. We anticipate that other stations will be online within the next six months, although this will only be confirmed after we've ascertained whether they have proper security procedures and equipment to support the service," he added.

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