Biman plane strikes flock of birds on Dubai flight

Airline returns damaged Airbus A320 to Bangladesh after incident.
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Biman Bangladesh Airlines was departing from Osmani International Airport on a Dubai-bound flight when its Airbus A320-300 accelerated through a flock of birds.

The incident occurred on 2nd August 2011, with 171 passengers on board at the time, and caused two left main wheel tyres to deflate as a result of deceleration.

An inspection revealed one of the engines had ingested a bird and received damage to a number of fan blades, according to a report by Aviation Herald.

In response, the airline dispatched two Fokker 28 Fellowships from Dhaka to Osmani International Airport in Sylhet with a maintenance team, who conducted repairs.

The two Fokker aircraft also transported passengers back to Dhaka, from where a replacement Airbus A310-300 took them to Dubai with a total delay of eight hours.

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